Corporate Training

What is Corporate Training?

We live in a world of rampant social media where the right posts and blogs can launch a new company into orbit but an adversarial post or blog can destroy a personal career and company within a blink of an eye. Becoming more aware of the risks and rewards of social media in and out of the office is no longer an option; it is a must! All employees must develop a social media accountability because we now live in a socially connected world.

The Certification

Our e-learning compliance and live training course will provide an added layer of safety to the organization from social media faux pas. Whether a company participates in social media to promote their business and build their brands, or not, they still need to address the reputational and operational risks that social media can present. Why? It’s extremely likely that their employees are using social media platforms during business hours or at home and may unwittingly put their employer at risk. It is important to create social media guidelines and to offer ongoing training so that public opinion can be shaped in the company’s favor.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin



What are The Risks of Not Getting Certified?

What are the risks of not getting Socially Certified?

Customers Will Speak Out

Whether you like it or not, customers will talk about your business online and it doesn’t matter whether you’re engaged in that conversation or not. They will talk incessantly about their experience and you better hope that conversation is positive. They will memorialize their experiences online and will tell the world if they were treated fairly and got what they were promised, on the other hand, if they feel cheated in any way prepare yourself for the online tornado that’s about to happen. Every business owner and every employee should be one step ahead of the customer who will do everything to take your business down if they are unhappy.

Posts are Forever

Years ago, if you had a beef with a company you would have to get air time or write an article in a publication to attack the offending party. With the advent of the Internet, you can write a post for FREE. It doesn’t cost a disgruntled customer anything to attack you online. In fact, when they do attack, the words are always there, like a disease that won’t go away. The complaint can surface anytime for any reason and the damage control can costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Incompetence Exposed

There is nothing worse than an inconsiderate or dishonest employee and unfortunately they can do an extreme amount of damage if they are left unchecked. What’s frightening in this scenario is the victim sees not just the employee as an incompetent and crooked person, but the entire company as the enemy and will tell all just to get even.

Contract Disputes

He said, she said. In the world of emails, texting, posting, blogging and hash tags, it really doesn’t matter whether your employee thinks they are right. If the customer feels duped into signing an agreement or verbally committing to something, they will complain. It’s that simple. Organizations and employees must create standards and protocols to button up the transactions.

The Bandwagon

Seems like everyone wants to pile on when something’s gone wrong. The internet can be such a wonderful place to browse and shop but when something goes wrong it can turn into your worst nightmare and somehow people that have no business in your business start to surface. They will turn on you in a blink of an eye without any kind of information or fact. Sometimes people will jump on this bandwagon for no reason at all but to make life miserable for someone. They see themselves as advocates to their fallen friends, and will take a stand whether they are right or wrong.


What are The Rewards of Getting Certified?

Can We Measure the Effectiveness of The Course?

Absolutely. The primary goal at ENUF Direct is to make sure each employee stays engaged in the entire process whether you utilize our e-learning compliance course or live training.  Our courses will help your employees become personally accountable to the social world we live in.

When a company determines what their own key indicators are, for example, lagging sales, operational inefficiency’s, high turnover, employee and customer dissatisfaction, executive unrest, among others, then and only then will we be able to address the primary concerns of the company. While the key indicators will be different from one company to the other, the goal at ENUF Direct is always the same, to help each employee internalize the material so the information becomes second nature, a reflex habit, and to build a stronger and safer environment for the company and the employee.

Some of the more common areas to measure are:

Increased Retention: High on most HR department’s lists of priorities is how to keep good employees and how to train low performing employees to become better at what they do. Employee turnover can equal one month’s pay to several years pay depending on the individual leaving.

Increased Sales: The sales division is really where the rubber hits the cement in most organizations. Developing salespeople that are willing to adhere to a higher level of integrity through personal accountability will translate into better productivity and long-term job satisfaction. Keeping good salespeople will increase productivity over time.

Increased Operational Efficiency: As employees develop a greater “ownership mentality” they will find better ways to complete a task, be more thoughtful to the end result of each project. Improved efficiency is traditionally a bi-product of employees that take their jobs more seriously.

Return on Investment: Investors and shareholders are always tuned in to return on equity. Leveraging finances, reacting to market demands, analyzing financial metrics and strategies are only a few of the concerns related to the bottom line. Another powerful form of leverage is making itself known in the corporate world. That is, Capability Leverage. ENUF Direct is committed to enhancing the capability of all your employees, from start to finish. Understanding the power of social media and helping employees develop an ownership mentality, believing in themselves and the company they work for and internalizing the principles as a lifestyle will lift any organization to greater levels of performance.


How to Get Socially Certified?

To get socially certified your team can select from a number of different courses that are the best suited for your company.  We offer an online e-learning compliance course and live training from our world class speakers.   We also offer Social Media IQ, a 12 module video course to help any child or teenager using social media.  College students who are ready to enter the corporate workplace will benefit as well.

Social Media IQ

If you are an educator or parent preparing a child for his/her career, one of the most important topics is Social Media and how it can affect their life and career.

The Social Media IQ training is a 12 video based course that teaches young children, high school and college students about the dangers that exist on social media today and the importance of personal responsibility.  Each participant will receive his/her own compliance certificate after completing the course.  The course will prepare students on how social media can effect their personal life when using it both in and out of the office.

1/2 Day Workshop (Onsite)

The 1/2-day training is a four-hour workshop. It is fun, engaging and informative. Employees will be fully immersed in the material during the half-day workshop. The participant will learn about risks and rewards of social media, the affect it can have on a company both externally and internally. They will also be trained on three powerful principles to help employees learn to live and thrive in a socially connected world.

Quarterly Training Course

Employees will meet 4x per year with an ENUF Direct certified trainer. We allow up to 35 employees in each group. The first part of the training involves introductory material on the risks and rewards of social media, the affect it can have on a company both externally and internally. The subsequent training’s will focus on 3 powerful principles to help employees learn to live and thrive in a socially connected world.

E-Learning Compliance

The Social Certification training is a compliance course that teaches company owners and employees about the dangers that exist in social media today both in and out of the office. Each participant will receive his/her own compliance certificate after completing the course.  The training provides an added layer of safety to both the individual and the company.


Our program has four objectives:

  • Provide safety to the organization from social meltdown
  • Inspire and help employees build a stronger foundation for success
  • To help employees develop belief in the company they work for
  • To breed confidence in the consumer by having an ownership mentality


Social Media and Devices Policy

Having a social media and devices policy will provide some guidelines to your employees regarding your expectations of how they should behave and communicate online. The policy will provide and added layer of defense in mitigating the risks for both the employer and employee. The policy is invaluable in providing clarity and understanding regarding the company culture as it relates to the customer, the employees and the public at large.


Social Selling Certificate

What Do We Receive?

Certificate of Completion and Emblem

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a downloadable copy of the Code of Ethics. The certificate will be awarded to each person that attends our certified program “the three principles to live by in a socially connected world”. The participant will also receive an emblem that he/she may use as monogram on a business card or email salutation. The emblem is a symbol of compliance and will be a recognizable mark for the consumer, the employee and the company they represent to demonstrate the commitment to higher standard of performance.

Annual Re-Certification

Each year on or near the anniversary date the company will engage in the annual re-certification course. The re-certification course is designed for the participant to keep his/her certificate active. Some of the course material will be a new and updated and other parts will be a familiar reminder of the importance of becoming certified. The certificate is an annual compliance and will expire at the end of the date period marked on the certificate.


New Hire Training

All new hires will be encouraged to attend our certified training e-learning course.  For LIVE TRAINING it is advisable to have at least 5 new hires enrolled in the training with a maximum of 35 in each group.

On Going Training