Major Social Issue

Social media addiction, online sexual predators, kidnappings, teen suicides, and bullying are just a few of the horrible outcomes when social media is misused. We believe this is one of the most important social issues of our time.
  • 1-4 children will be solicited by a sexual predator
  • 350 million social media addicts
  • Over 25% of teens have been bullied online


Attaching Brands to Social Causes Matters

A new generation is demanding a new breed of businesses – 64% of shoppers say simply giving money away isn’t enough; they want businesses to integrate social impact directly into their business models. 92% of consumers say they have a more positive image of a company when the company supports a social or environmental issue. 87% of consumers will switch from one brand to another IF the other brand is associated with a good cause

Other benefits of getting involved:

  • Will enhance brand loyalty
  • Will impact corporate culture
  • Will earn you new customers
  • Will lift company revenue
  • Will attract and keep employees


Social Media IQ product

ENUF Direct has created 12 short and simple whiteboard videos that are easy to watch, informative and filled with teaching tools for parents, children and teens. The Social Media IQ Program teaches the basic rules and fundamentals of keeping safe on social media. Our goal is to teach the world to “think before you post.”

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • FREE access to ALL employees
  • FREE access to family and friends
  • FREE Corporate Compliance Video
  • Receive “think before you post” plaque
  • Receive “think before you post” banner